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Leanbean Review: SCAM or Legit fat burner [2021]


The problem with most fat burners is that the amount per serving must be adjusted in accordance with your height, weight, body fat percentage, etc. for the supplement to be effective. The manufacturers will often leave that up to their users to calculate, with possibly an average dosage mentioned that cannot be universally effective.

More worryingly, not all fat burning supplements are completely natural and safe to use, which means that they become even more harmful if you end up overdosing unknowingly. 

Even when the supplement is completely natural and safe to use, there is another factor that women in particular need to consider. The thing is, the female body, under normal circumstances, should not need as much of any nutritional supplement as a male body would. However, in absence of clear instructions regarding the dosage, women will often end up wasting both the supplement and their money by consuming a lot more per serving than they need to see fast results.

The main idea behind our work is to clear out some of the confusion and provide clarity regarding weight loss supplements that are meant exclusively for women, as well as to guide them on the ideal dosage. We are confident that the information here will always prove to be quite helpful for women who wish to lose excess weight without the usual risks associated with fat burners.

Since Leanbean is well known for being an excellent fat burner that’s designed for the female body in particular, we have put together a review of the supplement after months of testing the stuff from various angles, and by going through the many user reviews. We will now elaborate more on the details of our test results, with the review being geared towards providing maximum value to the readers. Leanbead is also my #1 recommendation when it comes to the best fat burners for women.

Leanbean: What is It?

In accordance with the product description by manufacturer Ultimate Life Ltd, Leanbean is a proven, 100% natural fat burner supplement for women only. Each pill contains just the right amount of appropriate nutrients that are necessary for the average women to actively lose excess fat by burning more calories. Instead of taking the description at face value, we decided to dig a little deeper and test out each of Leanbean’s various ingredients.

The goal was to determine how these ingredients individually and collectively affect the female metabolism. This is extremely important, as even some of the most active women often end up wasting money on supplements that contain too much of certain nutrients that their bodies would never be able to utilize fully.

Aside from wastage, there is also the health aspect to consider here. For example, even ingredients as necessary as zinc, acai berry, garcinia cambogia, caffeine, piperine and raspberry ketones can have unpleasant side-effects if consumed in larger quantities than we are supposed to. Possible side-effects such as headaches, digestive distress, overstimulation and insomnia vary in accordance with the dosage, the person in question, the individual and the cumulative effect of all those ingredients within the fat burner.

Thankfully, our test results confirm that the combination of ingredients in Leanbean is not anything that should have any such side-effects effects on women, barring exceptional cases perhaps. Therefore, it is safe for women to use without them having to worry about overdosing on one or more of the nutrients. It should be noted that Leanbean also contains 3 grams of glucomannan per serving, and this is a certified amount within the EU for usage in fat burners.

These findings are in line with the generally favorable reviews we found from real users online, where hardly anyone ever complained about side-effects. Since the user reviews also agree that Leanbean is quite an effective fat burning supplement, we will now take a closer look at how the combination of nutrients used in Leanbean work together to achieve the results that it does.

Leanbean: What Are the Pills Made Up Of?

All ingredients within Leanbean pills are clearly listed on their official website, as well as on the packaging itself, but we will provide you with a bit more information on what each of those ingredients are actually useful for.

  • Raspberry Ketones

    If you are familiar with fat burners, then it would be highly unlikely that you have not heard about raspberry ketones, as they are very much a part of almost every proper ketogenic supplement out there. It adds the sweet, fruity smell of raspberries to the Leanbean, and of course, acts as one of the main ingredients for burning fat, providing energy and regulating blood glucose.

  • Glucomannan/Konjac Fiber

    Glucomannan is a type of fiber that’s derived from the konjac plant’s roots. In the Leanbean, it is used as a natural appetite suppressant. The fibers reduce hunger pangs and induce a sense of being full for a much longer period of time.

  • Vitamin B6 and B12

    Both of these vitamins are essential nutrients for quickening the human metabolism and bringing it up to speed with what is considered to be healthy metabolic rates in women. If you are a vegan on vitamin B supplements already, do take note.

  • Choline

    Choline has neuro-boosting properties as well, but in the Leanbean, the nutrient's prime function is to assist in fat cell breakdowns, and then transferring the consequently released energy to cells that need it the most. 

  • Chloridees
    A staple ingredient in all energy drinks, this electrolyte is also an energy booster which actively works towards keeping women hydrated and energetic both during and after long and heavy workout sessions. Given that weight loss diets do cut down on calorie consumption quite heavily, chloride balances out the calorie deficit by supplying us with instant energy
  • Chromium Picolinate 

    Chromium picolinate serves two primary functions in the Leanbean fat burner formula, which are that of: 

    1. Quick metabolism of fatty acids, protein and carbohydrates (macronutrients)

    2. Regulating blood sugar post metabolism.

  • Zinc                                                                                                                                        Zinc works differently in women compared to how it does in men. The female digestive system utilizes zinc to digest macronutrients at a much faster rate.

  • Turmeric  

    A staple, yellow spice used in a lot of Indian curries, turmeric is an active fat burner, appetite suppressant and metabolic rate booster. The fact that Leanbean has a significant amount of the thermogenic spice in it, means that it will be good for your neurological health as well.

  • Green Coffee  

    Green coffee refers to unprocessed coffee beans which have not been roasted yet. While they don’t make great coffee, the unprocessed beans are a lot richer in their nutrient content, as compared to processed coffee. Chlorogenic acid found in the green beans helps moderate our metabolic rates and also supplies the energy needed for intense workouts.

  • Acai Berry                                                                                                      Information is unclear regarding how effective acai berry is in helping women burn fat, but it’s a natural ingredient with no side-effects. Moreover, acai berries are known to have a detoxifying effect of their own.  
  • Piperine                                                                                                             Extracted from the common black pepper, piperine aids our digestive system in processing and absorbing some of the other ingredients in Leanbean, such as the konjac fiber we already discussed. It also helps in the absorption of proteins, minerals, vitamins and various other nutrients from our daily diet
  • Garcinia Cambogia                                                                                                      Commonly known as brindleberry, or the Malabar tamarind, the exotic fruit’s scientific name has since been changed to garcinia gummi-gutta. Found mostly in Indonesia, India and some parts of Africa, extracts of the fruit used in Leanbean can suppress hunger pangs, thus aiding in weight loss.

Expected Benefits

In accordance with what Ultimate Life Ltd claims, users should be able to notice that they are feeling less hungry and more energetic, and experience a decrease in their usual fatigue levels. However, does their product deliver on those fronts? We will share our findings with you next.

Appetite Suppressant

Most women in the reviews as well as our real-life acquaintances agree that they do feel less hungry than they used to, post getting started on the fat burner. Leanbean makes it possible for women to live on less calories, and still feel less hungry than they did before.

This is perhaps the most crucial and pivotal effect which the fat burner has on women, making it practically possible to drop weight fast. Most of us lose the battle against hunger, but the myriad of natural appetite suppressants in Leanbean seems to be able to do the trick by simply taking that battle out of the picture altogether!

Energy Booster

We need to exercise in order to lose the fat that’s already there. This proves to be extremely difficult without the proper supplementary aids, given that a deficit in calories would instantly plummet our energy levels as well. Fortunately, chloride, choline, raspberry ketones and chlorogenic acid inside the fat burning supplement do work. A large number of women using the supplement have written about feeling alert and energetic throughout the better part of a workday, but never overstimulated enough to lose any sleep at night.

Reduced Tiredness

The last one applies naturally to all women who have experienced the two previous effects already. Besides, with two pills per serving, taken three times within the working hours of each day, the supply of energy from Leanbean is constant, never allowing the usual tiredness we feel from calorie cuts to creep in at any point. This is of the utmost importance to women with jobs, families and very specific weight loss goals.

Possible Side Effects: Are There Any?

As already mentioned, Leanbean is a fat burner that has been created exclusively for women, and special care was taken while preparing the formula to never go over the safety limits with the ingredients. The natural ingredients are compiled and mixed in such proportions that women can take advantage of each individual ingredient to its fullest extent, without ever experiencing any major side-effects because of them. However, there is no accounting for food allergies though. Check the list of ingredients thoroughly to see if you are allergic to any of them.

Best Place to Buy Leanbean

Due to the popularity of Leanbean, you can find the fat burner listed as being available across most online and offline sports, health & fitness retailers. Even retail giants like Amazon may have resellers on them with claims of selling the genuine item. The problem with buying from them is that you might end up with a fake product, given that Ultimate Life Ltd does not have any other outlet where they sell the stuff from, other than their own Leanbean website!

Never take the risk of buying fake supplements, as it’s not just your money, but also your health and wellbeing that’s at stake here. The official Leanbean website also offers good discounts on bulk purchases, but most importantly, only purchases made directly from the manufacturer’s website can avail their 90-day moneyback guarantee.

Maximizing the Effects of Leanbean

Leanbean is an effective weight loss pill with safe, natural ingredients, but you still need to be active, eat healthy and exercise with a goal in mind. That is the only way to maximize the effects of Leanbean and get the most out of your money. If you are relatively new to goal-oriented weight loss programs, try the tips as shared next to lose weight and gain muscle definition simultaneously with Leanbean.

HIIT Over Cardio

High intensity interval training is more effective in burning fat than regular cardiovascular exercises. Combine or alternate sessions of HIIT with weight training to see much better results in general, and especially with Leanbean.

Go Off the Stuff at Regular Intervals

The human body has been designed to evolve and overcome obstacles by default, which is why we slowly build resistance to almost everything, given enough time. To prevent that from happening with Leanbean or any other fat burner, go off it for one or two weeks after using the supplement for twelve straight weeks (90 days).

Don’t Stack It with Similar Supplements

Check the ingredient list of the supplements that you are taking currently, aside from Leanbean. In case you are trying to stack multiple fat burners for the best and the fastest result, you are making a mistake here. Most fat burners share many of the same ingredients, so you might only be wasting your money and risking multiple side-effects of overdosing on certain additives.

Find a Routine for Leanbean that Best Suits You

The site and the label suggest taking two pills per serving, before breakfast, lunch and dinner respectively, but there is room for experimentation here. As each female body is different from the other and some are quite vastly different in constitution than what is considered to be the norm, experiment a bit until you find the most effective dosage for your own body. However, you should not go above the 6 – 8 pills/day limit.

While going through the reviews, we found that some women were of the opinion that it might be a better idea to take three pills twice a day, before breakfast and lunch respectively, since this routine allowed them to avoid any chances of overstimulation at night.

Leanbean Conclusion: A Fat Burner that Truly Works?

As you might have figured out by now, Leanbean really does help women lose weight without major side-effects, especially if you are willing to put in the work as well. To see the best possible results from the fat burner, sleep well, stick to your workout regimen religiously, and eat healthy. The fact that Leanbean really does work shouldn’t come as a surprise, as almost all the natural ingredients used in the product are geared towards reducing hunger, burning fat through thermogenesis, and providing plenty of energy from those broken-down fat cells to help women lead active and busy lives.

Leanbean: Is It Costly?

There are fat burners which cost far less, and then there are those that cost far more than Leanbean. Therefore, the answer really depends on your own budget for vegan weight loss pills. We have listed the usual price of Leanbean packages next to help our readers make an informed decision.

  • $59.00 for a month’s supply and $118.00 for two months (no discount)

  • $185 for the "Bikini Body Bundle," which will last you 4 months (discount of $51) and comes with an eBook

Before and After: Real User Reviews


First suggested by Tyah’s boyfriend, she only ordered it after doing her own extensive research on Leanbean. She decided to give the popular weight loss pills a go as she was both surprised and curious to find almost no negative reviews about the product online.

As mentioned by herself after four weeks of using Leanbean, she noticed that not only was she able to break through her previous plateau by losing multiple pounds, Tyah managed to do so with relative ease too. She owed it to the pills’ ability to suppress her previously uncontrollable snacking habits.


After trusting the good reviews and using Leanbean for only one month, Margarita was able to shed multiple pounds of her baby fat. In about four weeks’ time, she managed to become a size 14, although she was size 16 a month or so before.


While searching for an effective fat burner and hormonal regulator online, Annette found Leanbean to be one of the most well-reviewed and popular weight loss pills available. Post three months of usage, Annette reported losing about three inches from her waist and feeling truly rested after each night of sound sleep. The latter effect shows that Leanbean’s ability to maintain healthy metabolic rates in women can be particularly beneficial for those suffering from hormonal imbalances.


Can I Find Leanbean on GNC?

Yes, you can technically buy Leanbean from both GNC and Amazon, but it won’t come with the 90-day money back guarantee. Also, there is a high possibility of the products being fakes, since Leanbean is not sold via GNC or Amazon by the manufacturer.

Is It FDA Approved?

All Leanbean weight loss pills are manufactured in FDA-approved facilities only, which are bound by law to only manufacture products that meet the strict standards set forth by the FDA.

How Long Should I Have to Wait for Leanbean to Take Effect?

Appetite suppression and energy boosts are almost immediate effects, but in order for those effects to bring about noticeable fat loss, a 90-day period should be sufficient. You can see much faster results by combining Leanbean with a healthy diet and meticulous exercise.

When is the Ideal Time to Take Leanbean?

The official suggestion is to take two pills per serving, three to four times per day with water. Every pill should be taken 30-60 minutes before a major meal, so that you can easily control your portions on each of those meals.

Can I Take Leanbean on an Empty Stomach?

That is pretty much the idea, as the weight loss pills are supposed to be taken 30 minutes to an hour before a meal. However, a meal should certainly be eaten after the designated gap. Do not delay the meal for more than hour, as the pills will only be at their maximum capacity within that timeframe

Is there Caffeine in Leanbean Pills?

Since green coffee is an active ingredient in Leanbean, caffeine is present in each pill. However, the amount of caffeine in each pill is kept to a minimum, so it is unlikely to cause insomnia, jitteriness or any of the usual side-effects we are used to associating with caffeine. There is a caffeine-free fat loss product from Performance Lab that people with extreme caffeine sensitivity can consider instead

Is there Gluten in Leanbean?

No, Leanbean is completely gluten-free, making it a suitable fat burner for women who have celiac disease or suffer from any other type of gluten intolerance.

Is It Vegan?

As all ingredients in the pills are derived from plants, Leanbean is a 100% cruelty-free, vegan product.

Can Leanbean be Relied on to Provide Energy During Periods of Calorie Deficit?

Absolutely, the combination of raspberry ketones, chloride, choline, green coffee and various other ingredients in Leanbean provide a steady source of energy, enabling women to work out even while cutting down on their calorie intake severely to lose weight.

Is Leanbean Worth the Price?

Even if we were to ignore the ingredients list provided officially by the manufacturing company, then our personal experiences and the long list of user reviews would suggest that Leanbean is most certainly worth the price. Of course, we did consider the natural ingredients, the important roles each of them plays in bringing about weight loss, and how carefully they have been proportioned within the pills to provide maximum weight loss benefits to women. After taking all that in, we would have to say that Leanbean is a must buy fat burning supplement for women that really gets the job done.

Just make sure that you check for possible allergic reactions by going through the ingredients list, and only buy from the original manufacturer’s website. Aside from avoiding counterfeit products, you will also be able to ask for your money back, just in case you do not see results within 90-days. Although that’s quite unlikely, just in case you are unfortunate enough to be the exception to the rule, return the product and try the one from PhenQ instead.

After using the fat burner for at least 90-120 days, visit our Facebook page and comment regarding your own experiences with Leanbean, just to keep things real and honest.


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