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Top 5 Best Greens Powders Reviewed In 2021


Top 5 Best Greens Powders Reviewed In 2021

Getting enough green vegetables in your diet is a constant battle. Plus, you can never be too sure how the greens were grown and if they’re as healthy as possible for your body. To get the right balance of nutrients and vitamins in your diet, it’s necessary to deliberately seek it out. Using a greens powder in pursuit of the highest quality source is needed, but which greens powder is the best?

We’ve looked at many greens powder products and reduced them down to the top 5. In our easy to digest review, we’ll breakdown the benefits of each powder and who they’re best for (and not best for). 

Here are the best 5 greens powders reviewed in 2021.

1. Best Greens Powder - Kylea Health & Energy

Protein is sorely lacking in many greens powders. However, it’s a focus of many people looking for a healthier lifestyle. 

The Kylea Health & Energy is a greens powder that has a different approach, and it is garnering much interest as a result.

The full product name is Kylea Health & Energy Total Living Drink. The taste of it is akin to blueberry tea, so it’s very pleasant to consume, unlike some greens powder health products. There are around 11 grams of high-quality protein in each serving, so the drink packs a punch. 

It’s worth noting that there are about 120 calories per serving, so while this product includes plenty of multivitamins, it won’t keep you slender on its own. Instead, the mix of four probiotics and micronutrients provides health and more energy.

Who Is Kylea Health & Energy Suitable For?

  • Someone who wants a different way to add more protein other than traditional protein powders on the market.
  • If you’re unconcerned about the extra 120 calories in your daily diet, this will be fine
  • Also, there’s great transparency here because the ingredients are listed.

Who Is Kylea Health & Energy Not Suitable For?

  • A healthy person looking to watch their weight may say no to the 120 calories per serving.
  • The typical greens powder is less expensive than this product. Bargain hunters need to look elsewhere in our list.
  • Athletes wanting high levels of extra protein won’t find enough here. They’re better off seeking out a protein powder for that.

For a top-up of protein and greens, Kylea Health & Energy offers a fresh approach.

2. Best Greens Powder - PlantRise SuperGreens72

Many greens powders stand in one area above any other. In this case, vitamins and minerals are the strength of Plant Roses SuperGreens72.

No less than 72 ingredients are delivered in the SuperGreens72 health product. The extensive ingredients list provides all the superfoods, probiotics, and antioxidants expected. While the minerals and vitamins included eclipse those of many other greens powders, it also has a pleasing creamy taste, so it goes down easy too. 

Who Is PlantRise SuperGreens72 Suitable For?

  • People looking for a broader greens powder that seemingly packs everything into a single serving won’t be disappointed here.
  • Those looking for improved digestion without having excessive amounts of certain ingredients will be happy. 

Who Is SuperGreens72 Not Suitable For?

  • The inclusion of proprietary blends that aren’t broken down sufficiently will put some customers off this product.
  • Vitamin D and Calcium are in smaller quantities than in other similar products.

The great taste and broad ingredients list make SuperGreens72 a winner in the vitamins and minerals category.

3. Best Green Powder - Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily

The Athletic Greens powder delivers 100 percent of the typical vitamins including multiple B vitamins, and zinc too. It also keeps you healthier with a 700 percent dose of Vitamin C as well. 

There are digestive enzymes, billions of probiotic bacteria, 12 vegetable servings, exotics like ashwagandha, and both adaptogens and plenty of antioxidants.

For reduced stress levels, the ashwagandha and the addition of Rhodiola Rosea are thought to be beneficial. Also, the enzymes and probiotic bacteria serve the gut well for improved digestion over time too.

Who Is Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily Suitable For?

  • People who want help with their digestion and like that various enzyme and probiotic bacteria are included.
  • Lovers of antioxidants from ingredients like spirulina and chlorella hit the mark.
  • If needing help with stress, then the inclusion of ashwagandha and Rhodiola Rosea is appreciated.

Who Is Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily Not Suitable For?

  • There are plenty of proprietary blends in this product, so it has less transparency with the ingredients list than some customers may be happy consuming.
  • It’s also a premium product, so the price tag reflects that reality too. This is no budget pick. However, with a monthly subscription option, there are value savings to be made.

Overall, the different benefits derived from this greens powder offers the right mix to come out the winner. 

Best Greens Powder for Antioxidants

Where antioxidants are needed in quality and high supply, a greens powder can deliver that. Ideally, the product should use oxygen radical absorption capacity (the ORAC scale) to measure it.

ORAC-Energy Greens

ORAC-Energy Greens sits atop this category with an impressive 40,000 ORAC for every serving. To put this in proper perspective, that’s 10 times what’s found in a 100-gram batch of blueberries. 

Furthermore, there are 42 ingredients included like wheatgrass and seaweed, along with several adaptogens. 

It’s also affordable and delivers a reasonable taste.

Who Is PlantRise ORAC-Energy Greens Suitable For?

  • For exacting buyers or those looking specifically for a high level of antioxidants, not many greens powders measure their ORAC scale. That the ORAC-Energy Greens product does and it’s so high too, are both major selling points.
  • It’s less than one dollar for each serving, making this one of the more affordable powders available.
  • People wanting adaptogens like Rhodiola, ashwagandha, and ginseng included.  

Who Is ORAC-Energy Greens Not Suitable For?

  • Little emphasis is placed on digestion here – probiotic bacteria isn’t considerable in ORAC-Energy Greens.
  • The types and amount of minerals included in the product are less than clear on the nutrition label.

The precise measurement of the ORAC level in each serving is the biggest seller for the ORAC-Energy Greens.

Best Greens Powder for Digestion

Matching prebiotic fiber with probiotic bacteria acts in a complementary fashion to boost digestive health. Digestive Vibrance is the clear winner in this category.

Vibrant Health Digestive Vibrance

Colony-forming units (CFUs) is what it’s all about with digestive health supplements. Digestive Balance provides 100 billion of CFUs of probiotic bacteria for each serving, so they’re never in short supply.

Furthermore, there are eight strains included which help the gut by the sheer variety of probiotic bacteria included here. 

The wealth of fruits and vegetables added to the mix establishes even more credibility for this greens powder too.

Who Is Vibrant Health Digestive Vibrance Suitable For?

  • People wanting better transparency about the CFUs of probiotics per serving. The ingredients label is extensive.
  • 100 billion CFU of probiotics delivers results for the gut.
  • 8 strains of gut-healthy probiotic bacteria are included.
  • Plenty of micronutrients like Selenium and B vitamins too.

Who Is Vibrant Health Digestive Vibrance Not Suitable For?

  • People who are sensitive to new health supplements may need to start slow with this one.
  • Lacks a wide mix of minerals and vitamins.

When digestive health is key, then it’s hard to go wrong with the Digestive Vibrance product. 

Best Tasting Greens Powder

Greens powders are sometimes difficult to consume because they don’t taste wonderful. If this is your problem, then look closely at the following product.

Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily

The Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily comes out top in taste tests. The inclusion of cherry powder, and flavors from papaya to pineapple along with the inclusion of stevia doesn’t hurt either. 

For many people, the taste alone makes it worth it.

Who Is  Greens Ultimate Daily Suitable For?

  • If you want a good tasting greens powder due to others being hard to get down, then look no further.
  • A broad powder with plenty of adaptogens, probiotics, and a mix of vitamins for a well-rounded supplement.

Who Is  Greens Ultimate Daily Not Suitable For?

  • People who don’t like any products that use stevia for added sweetness.
  • This product is costlier than some other greens powders.

The fruity creamy taste is not to be missed. Athletic Greens delivers for the taste buds.  


What is a greens superfood powder?

Greens superfood powder is a broad term that refers to the grasses and algae present which are rich in antioxidants.

Many powders supply probiotic bacteria to aid the gut in staying healthy, including some stress-reducing adaptogens, and a mix of minerals or vitamins too.

What are the benefits of greens superfood powders?

A convincing level of antioxidants aid health and are seen as battling the aging effect in the human body. The inclusion of enzymes, probiotic bacteria, and prebiotic fiber all contribute to high nutrient absorption. Also, stress may be better managed through adaptogens which are frequently included in powder mixes.

It’s worth adding that the addition of vitamins and minerals is not standardized. As such, usually, a multi-vitamin supplement is separately required

Do greens powders detoxify my body?

Technically, no. The liver does this work for you. Juices, so-called cleanses, or just consuming more veggies in your diet will not detoxify your body.

With that said, the ingredients in many greens powders do have a natural detoxification effect. For instance, milk thistle when included in the ingredients of a powder can boost liver health.

Can a greens supplement provide an immune system boost?

A healthy immune system is promoted by having sufficient antioxidants present to protect the cells from free radicals. These molecules can increase the possibility of cancer developing. As such, many believe that antioxidants can cut some of the risks of serious diseases. 

Micronutrients like selenium, copper, iron, and vitamins like B-6, C, E, or A can boost your immunity.


Greens powders are one of the newer health supplements on the market. They provide a reliable source for superfoods but do require looking at the product label to understand what’s included. Mystery proprietary blends are something to keep a watchful eye out for if knowing every last ingredient is important to you. Nevertheless, some reputable and healthy greens powders are available and the best of them were reviewed above.

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