The 2012 OKC Million Corporate Challenge Program will run all year! As a Partner in this Challenge, corporations and organizations – no matter the size – can sign up to take the “Challenge”. All you do is have someone in your group sign-up and form a Group. After that – Invite your employees to Join the Group. We would like to feature your participation on this page (and other pages of the website) throughout the year.

Let’s take one more step towards creating a healthier community, workforce, and ourselves! The Challenge will help create awareness and motivation regarding healthy lifestyles, encourage each other, and create a little “healthy motivation” for the participants. The program will not only be educational but will help to create a challenge for the participants to begin on creating a healthier lifestyle for themselves, their friends, co-workers and family.

The Corporate Challenge is open to any organization or company that has at least 10 participants in their organization, business, neighborhood, or church. The Challenge begins with signing up participants, measuring their body weight, composition, and measurements.

Participating companies and organizations will be recognized on the OKC Million website in the area below. To let us know that your organization has signed up as a Group and how your company or organization is doing

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