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1,000,000 Pounds Lost!

We have done it – This city has gone on a diet.  Together we have reached our goal of losing 1,000,000 pounds!  From an awareness standpoint, this program has been a tremendous success. Congratulations!

Hopefully, we are a healthier, more vibrant, and progressive community.  I would like to thank each and every person and organization who has contributed to the OKC Million program, and I encourage all to stay active, stay healthy, and stay involved.  This is the beginning of a brighter future.

Thanks to everyone who came out for our press conference at the Oklahoma City Zoo on Thursday, January 12 in celebration of losing 1,000,000 pounds. The new Elephant Pavilion is a first class facility at our first class zoo!

Mayor Mick Cornett

Mayor Cornett delivers the 11th State of the City message

Every January, the Mayor speaks to the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce on the State of the City. It is an opportunity to look back on recent accomplishments, update the Chamber on current developments and looks ahead to the future.

"I hope you’ll appreciate the relative brevity of today’s address.  I have spent much of the last three years here and everywhere else discussing all of the futuristic issues involved with MAPS 3.  And then I woke up on December 9th and realized I didn’t have anything to say. Now, were ready to get to work, and we’ve got a big assignment ahead of us."

About this City is Going on a Diet

Our obesity effort seems to show continued success in spreading the word and opening up a community-wide dialogue about the dangers of being overweight.  We have just started our third year and have moved past the half-way point of reaching our goal of a million pounds.  Here’s the numbers as of this morning, from the website, .  Over 40,000 have joined including several hundred new participants in just the last few weeks.  Our total weight loss is now 519,000 pounds.  So, those 40,000 have lost over 12 pounds apiece. That's terrific.  Let me use this time to lead you to this site if you think it can help someone in your family.  It’s  One of our many success stories in 2009 took place at the FAA center.  They had 106 employees sign up hoping to make some progress on their weight loss goals, and when they weighed in a few months later, they had lost a total of 904 pounds.  So, nearly nine pounds apiece, and just another example of an organization helping its employees deal with a difficult issue.  Battling obesity is a winnable battle and it’s an important fight to win.